Safe, Stable & Quick Dependent Transfers

“#1 Lift and Transfer system for portability, cost, and ease of use”

side-by-side or front-to-back dependent transfers in a standardized, safe manner.

Less than 30 seconds to fit and provide a comfortable lift & transfer of non-ambulatory individuals.

Step 1

Position the waist belt around torso of the patient, secure the buckle, avoiding any g-tubes or gastric issues

Step 2

Carefully, secure thigh bands comfortably around each leg of the patient, fasten the Velcro.

Step 3

Adjust the handle strap length for proper gripping. Attach the interconnecting straps (waist to thigh).

Step 4

Wrap and attach the opposite thigh strap then buckle the bridge strap and interconnecting straps.

"#1 transfer system for caregivers and family members"

Allows for fast and effective dependent transfers in confined areas such as doorways, hallways, restrooms, bedrooms, and classrooms

Side-by-side dependent transfers in a standardized, safe manner.
Front-to-back dependent transfers in a standardized, safe manner.
Easy and confident dependent transfers to wheelchairs, changing tables, toilets, standers, and gait trainers.
simple to use transfer system that helps improve ergonomics and safety for all dependent transfers