About Us

The LATbelt is an innovative patent pending lift and transfer device developed specifically to improve safety during lift and transfer of dependents in the school setting. This transfer system will also be effective in home based care settings as well as professional care organizations. It is currently being utilized by school districts throughout the United States, where it is a preferred transfer method by physical therapist’s and risk management administrators. Families and Individual care providers also enjoy the benefits of safe transfers in home settings.

Dr. Chris Glibert DPT, a school-based pediatric physical therapist, invented the LATBelt. Dr. Glibert, was providing training for physical therapy staff and students in a variety of dependent transfers to demonstrate multiple environments and positions, when he realized that the then current methods of manual and mechanical transfers had several and serious drawbacks. Manual transfers were relatively effective, but Dr. Glibert felt that the educational staff sometimes had difficulty in providing the safety required and that they were increasing the chance of injury during transfers. Mechanical transfers required large, expensive equipment that were time consuming to setup and troublesome to use because of the size needed to maneuver them safely. Classrooms and restrooms would not have the space these lifts required. This inspired Dr. Glibert to start the development of what was to become the Lift and Transfer Belt – LATBelt.

The focus was on developing a standardized transfer process that would:

  • provide safety for the dependent as well as the caregivers
  • be cost-effective with respect to acquisition and utilization
  • be space-efficient with respect to existing infrastructure
  • be time-efficient to don / doff

The end result of multiple design iterations and subsequent testing is the LATBelt, the new standard in dependent lift and transfer. The LATBelt is significantly faster than mechanical lifts and more versatile than transfer-boards, all while providing improved safety and stability.

The LATBelt is a heavy duty gait belt that seamlessly connects to secured thigh straps. It is an easy-to-use, compact, cost-effective solution with which two staff members can complete side-by-side or front-to-back dependent transfers in a standardized, safe manner.

It is a cost effective ($199.95) solution to improve efficiency and safety compliance with student and patient transfers. Early feedback includes reports of easier transfers along with improved confidence during transfers to wheelchairs, changing tables, toilets, standers, and gait trainers. The LATBelt was designed to work effectively in the small confines such as doorways, hallways, restrooms, bedrooms, classrooms as well as community outings, such as field trips.

The LATbelt is commonly used in conjunction with diagnoses of muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, spinal muscular atrophy, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and various spinal cord injuries. With this device, transfers can be conducted between the following: mat tables, wheelchairs, beds, vehicles, gait trainers, chairs, changing tables, standers, and toilets.


SAFETY - Simple to use lift and transfer system that helps improve ergonomics and safety for all dependent transfers


COMFORT - Cradling design that supports the patient's trunk and legs adding to patient comfort and security without placing pressure on the perineum or crotch


EFFICIENCY - Simple to use transfer system; takes as little as 30 seconds to put on and take off, allowing for quick, safe, and efficient transfers


CLEANING - Easily sanitized with a mild cleaner or detergent